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Delivering Free K-5 Art Lessons conceived and inspired by working Northwest Artists

Golden Road Founder Barbara Mason
Accepts HACE Award for 2021

Golden Road Arts Awarded 2021 Funds By
Hillboro Arts & Culture Endowment 

This year’s Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment (HACE) committee awarded 14 arts and culture non-profits – including Golden Road Arts – with equal shares of $10, 612. Since 2015, the HACE has provided funding for non-profit arts organizations, as well as for individual artists. The funds are awarded to encourage the creative expression of the diverse Hillsboro community. 

At a ceremony held October 5 at the Walters Cultural Center, Golden Road Arts was recognized for its commitment to providing arts education to K-5 schoolchildren via its online and in-person teaching platforms. 

The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment was started by the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council in 2012 as a way to create a stable, long-term source of funds for arts in our community. The endowment is funded by the community, for the community, in partnership with the City of Hillsboro. From its initial pooled gifts  of $25,000, the endowment has grown to nearly $300,000 and continues to grow with community support. Contributions to this fund are invested by the Hillsboro Community Foundation (a 501c3 charitable foundation) in partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation to optimize returns.