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Encouraging Students
Promoting Northwest Artists

Funding K-5 Student Education Through Northwest Art

At Golden Road Arts, our goal is to support artists, enthusiastic art lovers and patrons of the arts as we encourage the creative spirit in children who will be the next generation of artistic creators, patrons and enthusiasts. We:

  • Develop teaching videos to support educators
  • Promote art education, art appreciation and artists, as well as creativity in all artistic mediums
  • Share how the arts shape lives and careers that derive from art education

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Free Art Education

Our primary mission is to help students learn about art. Check out our member site with instructional art videos and lesson plans for teachers, parents, and all educators.

Sample Art Lessons

Below are sample art lessons. To access more videos like these, please register to create a free account today!

Drawing Lesson #1 – Drawing Faces

In this episode of Golden Road Arts lessons for children, Artist, Printmaker and Educator Barbara Mason helps you draw a face in relationship to what you see – not how you have always been drawing faces.

Making a Collage

In this episode of making art from household items at home, we learn about collage and the ideas of “warm” and “cool” colors in art. Barbara provides you with two examples of collage that you can make at home.

Creating Tunnel Books

In this detailed lesson, Artist, Printmaker and Educator Barbara Mason demonstrates how to make tunnel books in two ways – from an original piece of your artwork or from coloring book drawings or artwork you cut out and assemble.

Supporting Local Artists

Presenting Local Artists

We also work with professional artists to help tell their stories to kids. In addition, we have a gallery of artwork available from these artists. As in any gallery, proceeds are split between the gallery and the artist. But when you buy art from us, all of the gallery’s profits are put back into our mission of educating children about art.

Supporters and Friends of Golden Road Arts

Golden Road Arts is fortunate to have  many community partnerships as well as the support of many donors and sponsors. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer our services at no charge to parents and educators.